Must-have travel accessories for every leisure luxury traveler

Apart from hotels and travel-related information, I do get the occasional question about what cameras/equipment I use, and also about some of the lifestyle brands.

So here are a few that we love (and personally use)…


Mazu Resortwear

We’re big fans of Mazu Resortwear – a Hong Kong-based brand that takes its design inspiration from the maritime past of Hong Kong and the surrounding region. We particularly love the variety in design from the vibrant to the subtle, the detailing, the material (it dries out so quick – perfect for a very last minute swim at a resort), and the very convenient red ditty bag. 

Mazu Resortwear

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Il Bussetto

If you know how we like to travel, you know how much we love our boutique brands.

The Italian leather maker Il Bussetto certainly fits into that mould – it’s not particularly expensive (you could certainly buy at least a couple of pieces for the price of a Gucci wallet), but you wouldn’t call it cheap either (it’s great value for money).

Its products are, however, extremely well designed and produced, and the brand is relatively unknown – it’s certainly not flashy, and its products aren’t splattered with logos.

Wallets, passport holders, business card holders, belts…we have it all.

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Germaine de Capuccini

Frequent travellers have a set

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DJI drones and handheld gimbals/stabilisers

Nothing has changed the world of photography and what is possible in modern times quite like drones have, which have truly given many photographers (and viewers) a chance to capture and showcase a whole new perspective that was previously either impossible, extremely difficult to access or required a lot of money to do it. And DJI has been at the forefront of it all.

For aerials, we love the DJI Mavic Pro – truly the world’s first real portable, easy to use and ‘for everyone’ drone. We love it for its ease of use, the fact that it’s compact and light enough to easily carry yet sturdy enough to hold in winds, and its range and smart functions that allow for taking great photos and videos.

In addition to drones, DJI also makes handheld gimbals/stabilisers that can . We personally prefer the original DJI Osmo, although the latter versions have more smart functions to help take better videos, more easily, including making the actual smartphone the camera (DJI Osmo Mobile series)

Apart from any underwater footage, we use DJI almost exclusively for our videos.

A video example where we primarily used the DJI Osmo and DJI Mavic Pro, at Bawah Reserve (Anambas Islands / Indonesia)

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Disclaimer: We may receive commission from some affiliate marketing links or discount codes used above. I was previously employed by DJI.