Million dollar views: 6 of the world’s best city hotel views

There are many reasons to pay “over the top” for a hotel. Some pay for the service, some for the brand name associated with it, some for the dining options at hand, while others to be a part of history in iconic hotels. But there are a select few who are willing to shell out for sweeping 360-degree panoramic views that can only be bought with the best money can buy. And in a city, that can mean towering over the hustle and bustle as if you were an albatross merely observing from high above, or serenely from far away.

Most of these cities have several other contenders for the title of the best view, but the hotels below have made their unobstructed and awe inspiring view their very selling point. Strategically placed, either in the heart of the city or from a distance offering a sweeping vantage point, these hotels pride themselves in making sure you wake up every morning with a sight to remember.

It is said that a picture paints a thousand words, so instead of describing in detail the views from the city, perhaps the photos can do the talking.

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The Ritz Carlton, Hong Kong

Shangri-La Hotel, Paris

The Standard, East Village, New York

Banyan Tree, Bangkok

Mandarin Oriental, Tokyo

Four Seasons, Mumbai

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