<strong>Abdulaziz and Malak, Saudi Arabia</strong>
We have been following Chinmoy and his amazing trips around the world for years and we knew one day he would be the one we would contact. When the day finally came to plan for our honeymoon, it was very pressuring as we wanted it to be the most memorable and adventerous trip we have been on. We knew we wanted to travel to the far east yet we had no experience in that part of the world. We immediately contacted Chinmoy and knew his expertise would be the perfect match for our trip. Chinmoy was honestly the best we have seen in terms of character, helpfulness and enthusiasim. He immediately requested a call between all of us to get a better understanding of what we liked and what we didnt, what our prefrences were, our personalities and what we were seeking to get out of our honeymoon. He recommended destinations based on preferences, weather and types of activities. 

Once we finalized out trip with Chinmoy, he didn’t stop there. Updates were always coming our way notifying us about the best offers and deals. His great connections assured us upgrades in most our stays. He was not only helpful with accomidation but also recommended activities and unique adventures for each destination.

Chinmoy was always in contact with us since the trip began, assuring our comfort and satisfaction with the choices we made. We were always welcomed in the most unique ways, and recieved special letters from Chinmoy in every room wishing us a great experience. One of the best gifts from Chinmoy was a picture of us on our wedding day in a glass frame. Thank you a lot Chinmoy for that!

Friends and family always wondered who helped us arrange our trip after they have seen the pictures. We always recommend Chinmoy to our friends, as we do promise them and you that you will have the best experience on your trips. In fact, many of our friends have contacted him and were very thankful to us.

Chinmoy truly exceeded our expectations and we will definitely be in contact with him in the future for many trips to come.

<strong>Abdulaziz and Shahad, Saudi Arabia</strong>
In the ever increasing sea of online reviews and travel applications, it has become difficult to distinguish between what is “cookie-cutter” good and what is exceptional, as the bar is low for what qualifies as a 9/10 in many of these online media. I faced this issue in planning my honeymoon, which left me unsure of many choices. I was lucky to have came across Chinmoy who goes above and beyond to never off anything but exceptional.

Our trip to Indonesia was a luxurious personalized (emphasis on “personalized”) experience that exceeded my expectations. Upon our arrival to all the stays we can immediately see Chinmoy’s experience and how his tailored recommendations were fit to our pleasure. We loved all the touches that Chinmoy added to our trip and the surprises he arranged for us that included major upgrades to our stays. He was always seeking our feedback during our trip to ensure everything was going perfectly. There was a situation where we decided at the last minute to extend our itinerary and within an hour Chinmoy arranged for us one more perfect stay. We truly felt that each stay influenced the feel and atmosphere of our trip.

We are very happy to have had a phenomenal honeymoon and we would like to extend our warmest gratitude to Chinmoy. We recommend his invaluable services and experience for those who wish for a memorable and extraordinary vacation.

<strong>Nealy Fischer, Hong Kong / Founder of The Flexible Chef</strong>
Technology has brought us all access to a whole world of travel and allowed us to be global citizens-or at least aspiring ones. But it’s almost impossible these days to find someone like Chinmoy who offers something that no booking service or website can-the human touch that elevates your trip beyond expectation. All of my trips with Chin are meticulously planned and often include perks like upgrades, great rates and even thoughtful gifts that make me feel valued and appreciated. He even makes sure our dietary needs are perfectly taken care of for a stress-free trip. Chinmoy is responsive, patient, and offers really good personalized advice on the best destinations, resorts, room choices and more. I could go on, but don’t just take my word for it. Try booking your next holiday with Chinmoy and you might be in for the trip of your life.
The Flexible Chef

<strong>Angie Silverspoon, London / Founder of SilverSpoon London</strong>
It was an absolute pleasure using Chinmoy’s services for booking my trip to Bali and Singapore. He clearly has a vast knowledge of the travel industry and great contacts with luxury hotels including high-end brands and independent resorts. His responses via email were timely and detailed despite the time difference between our two countries and there was no question he couldn’t answer. While I was on my trip he remained in contact with me making sure everything was going well, that we were having a good time and that the hotels were prepared for our arrivals. I would highly recommend using his services, and he definitely has a loyal customer in me.
Silverspoon London
<strong>Daniel, Hong Kong</strong>
I needed to plan a last minute family trip to the Amalfi Coast during their high season and Chinmoy could not be more helpful in the planning. Despite many luxury hotels being full, he managed to help us find two rooms at the amazing Palazzo Avino and took care of all the details from room selection to booking of restaurant. As part of the same trip, he also recommended the JK Roma hotel which remains a favorite of the family and one that we will definitely return to. I find Chinmoy to be thorough, professional and reliable and would gladly recommend him to my friends and family.
<strong>Mark and Valentina, New York</strong>
I worked with Chinmoy to plan a trip to Hong Kong and Indonesia for my wife and I. While we’ve traveled extensively around the world, this was our first time in Asia, and Chinmoy helped us through every step of the way in choosing locations, properties, and length of stay at each. He even had the time to meet with us in Hong Kong for drinks to give us tips on the rest of our stay, which was much appreciated. After some visa troubles on the way to Indonesia, we had to change our trip literally at the last minute. Chinmoy was immediately accessible, and quickly changed our destination from Indonesia to Japan, creating a fantastic itinerary in Kyoto and Tokyo. With virtually every hotel sold out in Tokyo at the last minute, Chinmoy found us a great property and managed to negotiate extra benefits on top of the room rate, which was above and beyond.

Chinmoy was incredibly professional, friendly, and knowledgeable with every interaction. I would not hesitate to use him again – not just for the fact that he clearly knows how to plan a trip, but also because he was available and ready-to-act when things went wrong.

<strong>Daniel, Chicago</strong>
Chinmoy helped plan a trip for me and my fiance to Hong Kong, and did an absolutely fantastic job. Every request of mine, from the airport car service to the room choice, was met, and it was clear that his relationships with the hotel we chose contributed significantly to the experience. He was more than available via email and phone, and took the time to give us restaurant and sightseeing recommendations as well, far out of his scope of work. With a hotel booking we already had made prior to meeting Chinmoy, he still gave us advise on what to do in the area and what to avoid as well. He has gone the extra mile in every occasion that I’ve used his services, and will continue to book exclusively through him for all future travel, both business and pleasure.
<strong>Andy and Michelle, Hong Kong</strong>
Chinmoy was helpful, responsive and very thorough. He provided excellent service and some great perks for booking through him (including the largest room in the hotel on one occasion)! The personalised notes on arrival and small touches, like noting our food preferences, makes our trips extra special. We will definitely use his services again next time we travel.
<strong>Fredddie Johnson, United Kingdom</strong>
Chinmoy has been instrumental in planning the most amazing holidays to Bali, The Maldives, Sri Lanka, Hong Kong and Thailand! I always love to research my holidays as intensively as possible, but Chinmoy’s advice and help has been invaluable and I cant imagine organising another holiday without him. He clearly has great contacts and an incredible knowledge of the industry, whilst maintaining the personal touch and I couldn’t recommend his services enough.

<strong>Dr. Krittika Bhende, Toronto</strong>
My husband and I just visited Thailand for our honeymoon and had the trip of a lifetime! Chinmoy guided us from the get go, he helped us pick a location that matched our goals on holiday, gave us some excellent hotel options that met our budget with personal reviews on each, and completely planned and organized our trip! Thanks to Chinmoy, our honeymoon took hardly any work at all (from our perspective anyway), and far exceeded our expectations! We would highly recommend speaking to him before going on holiday, especially if you are looking for a luxury travel option! Thank you again Chinmoy!
<strong>Dr Reinders, New Zealand</strong>
It is a pleasure to work with Chin. He is reliable, friendly and will go out of his way for his customers. My experiences with him have been great and I highly recommend him to those who like to have one less thing to worry about!

<strong>Vivian Chung Easton, Los Angeles</strong>
Chinmoy was such a huge help in planning our honeymoon! From start to finish, Chinmoy provided input and suggestions, which made our honeymoon absolutely unforgettable. We let Chinmoy know some dates we had in mind, and he assisted in securing the best rates for us during those dates, and even made suggestions to let us know if we were flexible on our dates, we could get a discount due to the seasonal rates. One of the things we wanted was to have our private pool, and Chinmoy was able to provide that, within our budget. Chinmoy even assisted with the plane tickets and on choosing activities, and checked in with us as it got closer to our honeymoon dates.He helped us organize every detail – from the restaurant we should eat at, to the types of activities we should try.

We chose to stay at the Anantara Maikhao Phuket Villas, and when we arrived to our resort, our honeymoon suite was set up with fresh flower petals, and other decorations that made us feel very welcomed. Chinmoy had also assisted us in getting a personal driver, so we wouldn’t have to worry about taking a cab. Chinmoy sent us a cake during our honeymoon, which as a lovely surprise. Our honeymoon ended up to be absolutely perfect.

All in all, I am so happy I had Chinmoy’s assistance during this trip. I could have planned all of this myself, but having Chinmoy do all the behind the scenes work was super helpful. He really helped make everything seamless, and all my husband and I had to do was relax. We didn’t have to worry about a thing. If you are looking for an experience and not have to worry about all the other things that travelling comes with, Chinmoy is your guy. I would recommend him to anyone!